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BFW 2012: The Launch, Mark Cordell, Emily Muller, Candice Wu

Here's a recap of Sundays shows at Boston Fashion Week's The Tent.

All photographs by Amy Connolly for Hogger & Co.

The Launch:
The Launch showcases up-n-coming local fashion design graduates who have been selected as the "new designer to watch". This year, the designers selected were Achk Kombana, Jennifer Miller, Danielle Fernandes, Rei Hyun Lee and Tatiana Cuevo, each with very unique styles.

Achk Kombana

Jennifer Miller


Danielle Fernandes


Rei Hyun Lee

Tatiana Cuevo

Mark Cordell

Next up was Mark Cordell's Tru Fiction collection: edgy and rebellious and with lips painted in half smiles reminescent of the Joker. Playful, daring and androgneous.

Emily Muller

Emily Muller is another designer I met here, and her collection is ultra feminine, flowy and beautiful.

Candice Wu

With hair piled high in birds nests, the models rocked the runway in leather, chains, a bit of tweed and a sprinkling of badass.


BFW 2012: Maria Victoria

I first met Victoria Dominguez-Bagu of Maria Victoria Designs at a night of style for Zoora, and fell in love with her simple yet chic and wearable styles, since. Bagu's show at Boston Fashion Week was no different, the upbeat vibe of the collection, with patterns, stripes and golds inspired by the "sunsets at sea" paired beautifully with jewelry by Magdalena Stokalska.

First, play this tune (although it doesn't do any justice to DJ Mario's beats that evening!), and then, scroll through the photos imagining yourself on the ocean on a beautiful summer's eve...



BFW 2012: Luke Aaron

By far, the most glamorous and magical of all the shows I attended at Boston Fashion Week. Luke Aaron started off with pretty and ended with ethereal. Pleated peplums, cinched waists and flattering muted florals in chiffon and tulle, the entire show was an ode to old-fashioned elegance without being stuffy. Gowns were draped into orgiami shapes (the collection was inspired by the arts of Japan) and pleated into flattering silhouettes. Adding to that was the debut of Aaron's Fleet Street bag, a well-structured and lady-like accessory.

Certainly, Luke Aaron is one to keep your "peacock eye" on.

Scroll down for more, including Jay Calderin, Founder of Boston Fashion Week with Boston darling Marilyn Riseman. Directors of Dynasty Modelling Agency, Joe and Gin Freeman were also in attendance.

A highlight for me was chatting with Marilyn, Jane Conway Caspe and Elisha Daniels before the show and I'm so flattered that they loved the way my hair was styled that night! (thanks to Sarah for the Instagram; and who's also caught in the last photo).



BFW 2012: Avni

Avni's SS2013 collection was inspired by purity and spirtuality and the philosophies behind designer Hussein Chalayan's work. The show started with a dramatic drum performance, which may have been intended to take place during the runway show, had the tent been bigger. Avni showcased lots of neutral, layered pieces in silks, cottons and satins with styling by Christina K. Pierce adding an element of the designer's Indian roots, with forehead jewelry pieces and bindis. Once again, we see braids, this time long and over the shoulder.


BFW 2012: Grace Kim, gKIM Studio

Grace Kim showed prowess in her gKIM Studio RTW collection of clean and contemporary silhouettes. The runway show, complete with 1930s inspired blonde wigs, showcased lightweight frocks and swing coats; all classic looks with modern finesses that could be worn by a current day Ginger Rogers. To that, I say, well done Grace Kim!

Here, some of my favorites.