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Boston Ballet: The Nutcracker

It was an absolute dream to visit The Boston Ballet for a behind the scenes look at the new costumes and production opening on November 23.

What a marvel to view the craft and intricate handiwork of the costumes in the costume shop and speak to costume shop manager Charles Heightchew. 2,000 yards of net and tulle along with cottons, silks and linens were some of the materials used, with extensive hand painting (award-winning costume designer Robert Perdziola hand tipped every Sugar Plum and Snow Queen tutu with metallic paint) and jewels (as many as 200,000) individually sewn on with 3,600 jewels alone for the Sugar Plum's and Dew Drop's costumes.

The creative team wanted to keep the dancers' silhouettes streamlined and control the color palette in Act I in an early 19th century inspired way. Act II showcases a burst of color as we saw during the dress rehearsal, where the costumes were tested for the very first time.

Creative Director Mikko Nissinen tells us that the set design was inspired by "18th century Prague with the use of flats with everything hand-painted to incredible detail and resembling a puppet theatre". As the play goes on, layers of of the story unfold, irising out of one another.

Robert Perdziola on Mikko Nissinen:

"We needed a strong Captain and needed to abide by that. Mikko is the Captain!"

It was a magical day at the ballet; very Degas-esque for me! I can't wait for what promises to be an extravanganza of a production, the biggest show the Boston Ballet has built in over a decade!

The Nutcracker runs from November 23 - December 30 at the Boston Opera House. For tickets visit


Boston Ballet: La Bayadère

The Boston Ballet is celebrating it's 50th season at the Boston Opera House, and with an opening night like La Bayadère, it's easy to see why.

“La Bayadère is a feast for the senses,” said Artistic Director Mikko Nissinen. “Complementing the technical qualities of our dancers is an intriguing love story, set in the vibrant and exotic India, and performed to a beautiful score by Ludwig Minkus. It is the quintessential classical ballet.”

Elaborate sets, fantastical costumes, the cornerstone of which are the enticing performances by an incredibly talented cast, beautifully supported with an enchanting musical score. The entire production is of a calibre that is out of the world, and maybe only surpassed by THIS production.

Florence Clerc's La Bayadère premiered in Boston in 2010 to rave reviews and is considered to be one of the greatest classical masterpieces ever to be choreographed.

To me, every time my hand flutters to my face in open-mouthed awe and amazement, that is the magic of the ballet...

La Bayadere is on now at The Boston Opera House until Sunday November 2, 2013, for tickets visit the Boston Ballet website.



Boston Ballet: All Kylián

All Kylián is one of the most moving ballets I've ever seen. I was excited to attend opening night on Thursday and happy that Anna was able to join me at the Opera House! The last time I was there was for this magical production by the Boston Ballet!

The show is comprised of three pieces which are now being performed for the first time by an American company, the Boston Ballet. The choreography is by world-renowned choreographer Jiří Kylián, and I was amazed by the incredible beauty and epic strength of the dancers in executing the most complicated to minute movements to an enigmatic score.

Full of allegory, beauty and strength, the first piece: Wings of Wax opens with a giant overturned hanging tree and a single rotating light over the cast of eight dancers. Their simple costumes made it easy to notice all the subtleties in their dance movements. I literally was holding my breath during this entire piece. It was so moving.

Tar and Feathers set the tone with a beautiful piano accompaniment by Japanese pianist Tomoko Mukaiyama, playing from a grand piano elevated 10 feet above the stage. The whole piece is puncuated by Jiří Kylián himself, asking "what is the word" resulting in a most amusing and breathtaking choreography of quick movements and repetitive gestures. This piece was my favorite!

The Symphony of Psalms, first choreographed in 1978 is set to a luscious backdrop of several Persian rugs hung from the rafters. The dancers exude elegance, power and poise throughout, and it's mesmerizing to watch.

As photography is not allowed, I am sharing some images (by Rosalie O'Connor) courtesy of the Boston Ballet, however, I did manage to Instagram curtain call and the interior of the beautiful Boston Opera.

All Kylián is playing at The Boston Opera House until March 17, 2013, for tickets please visit: