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Seoul + Jeju: What to Pack

Headed to South Korea, specifically Seoul and Jeju! I've never been to that part of the world but from what I've learned, the people over there dress very well and the women like looking feminine and like to dress up!

So, I'm thinking my love for blouses will come handy and will be packing many a girlie shirt, the florally, ruffly and lacey, the better! It's SPRING afterall!

I actually did buy the Prabal Gurang dress from Target, and I love the way it fits!

The key to rainy island weather is layers! I will take a couple of light cardigans as well, just in case but here's my wish list of what to pack.


Seoul + Jeju



London: What to Pack

I'm off to London on holiday, here's what I would pack - don't you love the striped dress? I wish I really had that in my closet!

Have you been to London? What did you wear there?


London: What to Pack


Miami: What to Pack

Off to Miami for a few days! I'm looking forward to photographing ArtWalk and WallPeople2012 while I'm there and am so excited to meet up with Elizabeth who's been incredible with sending me restaurant suggestions and an extensive list of things to do!

To Miami HEAT, baby!


Miami: What to Pack



Disney World: What to Pack

I definitely pack a straw fedora whenever I can. It's perfectly suited for any summer vacation and goes well with anything from shorts to dresses. Speaking of shorts, these are coming with me!

Other vacation staples for me? Bright colours and comfy shoes. And, if you're looking for good vacation shoes, be sure to check out Clare's post. I also recommend these.

I'm off to Disney World but you can follow me via Instagram (hoggerandco) or Twitter, as I'll be using both while I'm there!




Greece: What to Pack

Going to Greece? Here's some help on what to pack!

Going to Greece?