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Tea With: Arzoo, in NYC



Alice's Tea Cup, Chapter II, 156 E 64th St, Manhattan, NY 10065

Isn't it funny how Instagram brings people together?

I "met" Arzoo more than a year ago through Instagram; through our mutual admiration for Jamie Beck.

Arzoo is the creative mind behind Scraps of My Love, a lifestyle blog chronicling her life with her husband in Washington, DC (a place I've always wanted to visit) but a recent work opportunity took them both to NYC, which was where she and I were destined to meet in real life.

We sat down for a delightful tea at Alice's Tea Cup and I must say, Arzoo is the absolute LOVELIEST.

Be sure to check out her adventures from her month long stay in the Big Apple, they're marvelous.

And join us for a cuppa...won't you?

My reader's probably don't know that I was a complete nerd growing up! I had braces for the majority of my middle school/high school years, oversized glasses that were much too large for my face, and a staple 50 pound bookbag filled with textbooks and binders that I would take with me everywhere! Haha!

Currently, I'm completely smitten by New York City (aren't we all?), so that would have to be my choice, for now at least!


Getting to sleep in a bit, then a hearty brunch with the husband and a walk through a beautiful park on an autumn day with a camera at hand. And to end the day with a good film before bed would be nothing short of perfect!


Getting to meet and be inspired by so many new and talented people! The friendships and connections that we form through social media (like this one!) are definitely the highlight for me... and then having the opportunity to meet those wonderful people who inspire so much is just the icing on the cake! 


Oooh, this one is kind of hard... Hm, I think I'm pretty easygoing for the most part but I am pretty attached to my phone so that would definitely be one of the five.



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Rockport, MA: Roy Moore Lobster Co.


39 Bearskin Neck, Rockport, MA 01966

A recent trip to Rockport immediately made me crave lobster rolls, which, in the past in Boston has been good but not as exciting as I would have anticipated.

So, as we walked by Roy Moore's in Rockport, the staff was tossing some fresh lobster meat to a couple of friendly dogs who were being walked by their owners and I literally wanted a piece of that action.

At $15 for a small lobster roll, the off-season prices are perhaps quite steep, but the experience of sitting outside (they even put down some paper on the bench) in the slight drizzle, eating a delicious, fresh lobster roll in March was priceless.




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Savannah: Paris Market Cafe


36 W Broughton St Savannah, GA 31401

Savannah is one of those places that has incredibly delicious food, the most friendly of locals and lots of lovely quaint shops. I'd never heard about The Paris Market before, so visiting the shop was a special treat. I think I might have spent a good afternoon perusing the beautiful merchandise and sipping tea (and of course, a cookie) at the lovely little cafe....