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LOCAL FEATURE: Crepe Delicious


100 City Centre Drive

If it's not pancakes or french toast for breakfast, it's crepes (from scratch) at our house, so to receive two packs of Crepes De Licious mix in the mail was quite refreshing.



The mix was very easy to use, having only to add milk or water, and they turned out quite well, chewy in texture (whole wheat flour), vanilla-esque and buttery in flavour (shortening).




Our recipe for making crepes uses very little, if any, oil and our crepes turn out a lot thinner.  With the mix we found it a tad difficult to get rid of the powdery bits.


That said, if you're not a crepes-from-scratch person, and you like a good crepe, these packages are worthwhile.  Better yet, you can just go OUT for crepes and visit your local Crepe Delicious!

We did that, too.

There's a little kiosk of Crepe Delicious at the Square One Mall.  With breakfast crepes, paninis, savoury andsweet crepes.

Ian and Michael were the talented young specialists on hand for whipping us up some yummy crepes: savoury and sweet!

I don't care much for savoury crepes in general, but the Caesar Chicken ($7.95) one made for us was quite good, and packed with filling.

The sweet crepes is where it's at.  Nutella?  Yes, please!
The Tuttie Fruitte ($6.99) was absolutely divine and made far better than even the crepes we had in Paris!

Nyum Nyum.

They use all fresh toppings, so much so, that they run out of popular ingredients such as apples and panini loaves.  It's a kiosk afterall; it would be great to see this place get it's own restaurant as it was busy and has only a limited number of stools.  Most customers got the crepes to go anyway, wrapped up neatly in foil.   For the busy shoppers at Square One this type of kiosk probably works better than a dine-in restaurant, especially since you can smell the crepes a mile away and can have it as a snack or a meal.

We wanted the Crunchy Caramel $5.85 but they had run out of apples so Ian, who is the resident expert at that location, having been there two years, made us a custom super-duper, nutella-banana-caramel crepe!

I'll post up our own home-made crepe recipe, but until then, if you happen to stop by a Crepes Delicious, try the nutella/banana crepe!  You shan't be disappointed.

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Reader Comments (3)

I don't particularly love crepes... But after looking at your pictures, I want one. >_<

September 10, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterchristina

[...] more lovely photos of crepes. Seriously, you’ll want crepes after this. [...]

Oohhh.. my mouth was watering after reading this! I want a crepe right now! The nutella crepes sold at the outdoor stand to the entrance to the gardens of the Louvre were really good. Did you get a chance to try those? Miam Miam :P

September 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAlicia

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