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Paris: Street Lamps

The street lamps in Paris are works of art in and of themselves. I loved shooting between the narrow alleyways and up these lanterns.

Photographed in Paris, 2011


Boston Ballet: Pricked Dress Rehearsal: Cacti



Cacti is one of the most invigorating ballets I've ever seen, and maybe a new favorite! It's edge of your seat  entertaining, wildly comical (Whitney Jensen and Jeffrey Cirio) and highly recommended, if you get a chance to go (on until May 18!)

See the rest of Pricked, here: Études and DMJ.


Boston Ballet: Pricked Dress Rehearsal: DMJ

You saw PART I of my behind the scenes look at the Boston Ballet's Dress Rehearsal for PRICKED (on now, until May 18)

Here's a look at DMJ.. with leads beautifully performed by Lia Cirio and Lasha Khozashvili...



Boston: A Happy Mother's Day 

Spring in Boston has got to be one of the most beautiful times of the year, which is hard to believe since Summer, Autumn and Winter are equally as picturesque, but Spring really is the celebration of new life and the rejuvenation of everything around us. And so, how perfectly fitting was it to capture The Morans who have a new addition to the family!

Our backdrop was the blossoming Boston Public Garden; the weather could not have been better and it was a lovely way to celebrate Mother's Day...




Boston Ballet: Pricked Dress Rehearsal: Études

It's such a thrill to watch a live performance of the ballet and I'm so grateful to be working with the Boston Ballet  for costume production, opening nights and on occasion photographing from the wings!

Last night I had the honor of attending the Dress Rehearsal for the Boston Ballet's newest production: Pricked, a repertory program with the first being the breathtaking "Études", an ode to classical ballet.

The other two pieces in Pricked are making their American premieres, "D.M.J" is a heart-breakingly beautiful piece while "Cacti" (with real cacti on stage) is invigorating, powerful and truly a work of art.

As is the Boston Opera House. Without the hustle of the crowds and ushers, it really was a treat to take in the beauty of the interior, and also pick a different seat during intermissions. :) During a dress rehearsal the curtain stays open and the artistic staff, including director Mikko Nissinen, choreographers and ballet masters interact with the company of dancers.

So, with only the orchestra between me and the stage...here's a look at Pricked: "Études"...

Opening night is TONIGHT, May 8-18.