Meet Baby Evie!

I'm so happy for my friends A + J who recently had a beautiful baby girl, Evie. I loved capturing this gorgeous little baby girl with a full head of hair and the rosiest cheeks.

A + J are one of my favorite couples to photograph, as we're always in tears laughing!  Here are a few teasers of darling Evie being fed, burped and kissed so that she falls asleep sweetly in the arms of her loving parents...

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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Buy some flowers for someone you love and for yourself today.




India: Delhi: Red Fort

Here's a Throwback Thursday to the time when we visited the famed Red Fort in Delhi, at the perfect time of the day: magic hour....aka sunset and just imaging the Mughal emperors of India living here...

Here I am capturing the shot below for Instagram:



Boston: The Nutcracker 2013: A Backstage Look, Part III

There's nothing quite like a finale in theater...the anticipation, the climax, the final interaction between the dancers and the audience when the dancers take their final bows to thunderous applause!

The Nutcracker's final scenes are some of the most spectacular, with so many performances one after another, with nary a break in between for some of the dancers!

How they do it, I don't know...

Thank you to the Boston Ballet for having me!


Boston: The Nutcracker 2013: A Backstage Look, Part II

Intermission to the audience is a chance to stretch, to walk about the beautiful Opera House theater for a snack or drink, or to run to the restroom.

On the other side of the curtain, intermission is a smoothly managed production of switching from one act to the next.

It means sweeping up all the "snow" from the Waltz of the Snowflakes, lowering the giant chandelier props from the rafters, rotating the stage lighting so that leftover snow falls off.

It means stretches and warmups for the dancers, and setting up the dry ice machines for what's coming up next....

When the curtain rises again, everyone is ready...

More to come!