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Introducing: Theo

Introducing a new member to my sister's family...his name is THEO! He's a schnoodle (a poodle and a schnauzer) and just a puppy and absolutely adorable.

Here he is hanging out on a Saturday.

Welcome to the family Theo. xo

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India: Delhi: Night

The sights, sounds and smells of a New Delhi evening of shopping are intoxicating...first stop, South Extension, known as "SouthEx".

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Greece: Santorini, Dogs + Photogs

The sunset in Oia brought every tourist to it's tip, each person vying for a comfortable spot to enjoy sun down.

Then, there was this dog, like the Lassie of Oia, leading the way for tourists, and braving great heights for a photo op; finally settling down in a nook that stuck out way over the water.