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India: Delhi: Rajghat

When in Delhi, it is only fitting to visit Rajghat, the memorial site of Mahatma Gandhi.

The black marble slab marks the cremation site, while an eternal flame burns in a glass box and the words "Hai Ram" (Oh God) in Hindi are inscribed on the front. Words which are thought to have been Gandhi's last.

For both young and old, tourists and locals, it is a popular site of meditation, worship and respect.

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India: Delhi: Lotus Temple

The perfect time to visit the Lotus Temple was at sunset, a sight beautiful to see.

It is open to all visitors, of all religions, which is the basis of Bahai faith, making it simply a house of worship; a place of prayer and meditation.

The temple is made of marble, cemet and sand and was finished in 1986, designed by Persian architect Fariborz Sahba, and took 800 engineers and artisans and 10 years to complete.

Shoes have to be taken off and photography is not allowed inside the temple, but there is enough beauty in it's incredible structure and surroundings to take in.

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June: Art to Inspiration

It has taken me a while to get around to doing this month's Art to Inspiration, even though when I first saw this image, I was excited about it because right away an image clicked in my mind of what I wanted to pair it with. I saw the turquoise blue, the hanging objects and immediately knew.

So here it is, folks!

Jill Ricci's Float took me back to the streets of Bombay, India (y'all know how much I love a clothes line!)

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