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NYC: The Guggenheim: Picasso, Black and White

While in NYC I took in Picasso's Black and White exhibit at The Guggenheim, a museum I hadn't been to in years, remember THIS throwback Monday?

The exhibit is expressive, robust and void of color, as Picasso claimed,

Color weakens.

Thus, I present my vision of the Guggenheim in black, white and shades of gray....(with a bit of Central Park thrown in for good measure).

Black and White runs until January 23, 2013


Have a great weekend!

Hope your weekend is filled with some beautiful meals and time well spent.

Kitchen of the Whaley House, San Diego


Greece: Athens, The Acropolis Museum

And so it begins. At the Acropolis Museum.

Sitting atop an archaeological site, which can be seen through glass floors, the museum opened in 2009. Designed by a NY City based architect, the museum houses 5 floors worth of ancient artifacts and excavated historic treasures. One of the highlights is its direct view of the Parthenon. Photography was not allowed inside the museum. Nor were chocolate bars. Museum entrance fee, 5 euros. Snickers bar, likely 5 euros. Eating a Snickers bar whilst looking up at the Parthenon? Priceless.


Amsterdam: Rembrandt's House