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NYC: Panorama

An ode to NYC and NJ after Hurricane Sandy.

Shot from the rooftop at the Hyatt Regency Jersey City, in September 2012.


NYC: The Guggenheim: Picasso, Black and White

While in NYC I took in Picasso's Black and White exhibit at The Guggenheim, a museum I hadn't been to in years, remember THIS throwback Monday?

The exhibit is expressive, robust and void of color, as Picasso claimed,

Color weakens.

Thus, I present my vision of the Guggenheim in black, white and shades of gray....(with a bit of Central Park thrown in for good measure).

Black and White runs until January 23, 2013


NYC: Pink + Yellow in Soho


NYC: Empire State Building

NYC. Art Deco. Icon.

Two other architectural icons from around the word: the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower 1, 2, 3



NYC: Metropolitan Museum of Art

The rainy weather in NYC one morning called for a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where I spent a good 8 hours. I didn't know where to start it's so enourmous. At the end of the day after N met me there, we were also able to view the Stein Collection prior to it's opening on February 29. 

At times I was more fascinated by the people at the museum than some of the works themselves, seen via Instagram 1 2 3